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services, inc. what was is no more. even when you see it you still can't believe your eyes. thousands killed. and thousands missing in an earthquake and tsunami of epic proportions. when it hit, japan shifted 8 feet. 15-mile-per-hours later, 30-foot waves smashed into the northeast coastline. this tsunami from hell stretched across the pacific and in its wake a cascading nuclear crisis spins out of
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control. hello, i'm shepherd smith reporting from tokyo, japan for fox news reporting. over the past ten days, a nation of 127 million people faces what their prime minister says is the most severe crisis since world war ii. japan, of course, is no strange to disaster. both manmade and natural. in 1923, 142,000 people died in the tokyo earthquake. but today, the nuclear meltdown is having global repercussions, threatening lives, the economy and the environment. yet in the midst of it all, the human spirit to survive endures. a look at how the first ten days of this disaster in japan unfolded on fox news. march 11, 2011. just a normal day in japan. in the middle of the night in the united states. >> the union losses who have
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played such a huge role apparently -- this is a fox news alert. from new york i'm marianne rafferty. breaking news out of japan. a massive 7.9 magnitude earthquake shaking buildings in tokyo. >> the assignment desk is monitoring news around the clock. around the world. and truly as of 1:00 there is word that there was a significant earthquake in japan and the assignment desk begins confirming details and getting information and starts looking for images to go with it. we quickly realized this is a significant event and mobilized the fox news resources around the world to start sending coverage teams into the area and get to the story. >> so far no reports of any injuries. stay with fox news channel for more on this developing story. >> the first reports were coming from japan's main tv station in tokyo. >> we are being told by japan's nhk a small tsunami has hit the
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shores near the epicenter around 3:00 p.m. their time. >> japan sits on the ring of fire, a dangerous series of tectonic plates circling the pacific ocean from south america through the united states over to japan where three plates all converge. and that afternoon, off japan's northeast coast a terrifying rumble from deep inside earth. >> japan was rocked by a massive earthquake. buildings shook. people ran outside to open spaces. >> an 8.9 magnitude quake the government confirming at least 17 dead so far. >> again, we are getting more as we are speaking to you right now. if you are just joining us. >> early reports didn't grasp the magnitude of destruction. >> we have heard from the prime minister urging people to just be patient and to help each other right now. he said that the quake did cause major damage in a lot of areas but one thing they were
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worried about was their nuclear power plants and he said that so far those were not affected and that there was no radiation leaks. and that is certainly a little bit of good news in all of this. >> attention, this is an emergency management message. >> 4,000 miles away in the pacific the state of hawaii went into high alert. >> evacuated. everything out of it. filing cabinets, computers, everything and we boarded up all of the windows. and i'm concerned. >> for more on this let's go to gregg jarrett live in the newsroom. greg? >> we have been monitoring the situation not only in japan but, of course, here in the united states just so happens that our own courtney friel is in hawaii and just telephoned in to us and courtney, what is the situation there? >> my husband his family is all here and we were down having dinner in waikiki in a popular
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restaurant and these japanese tourists were on their phones trying to call back to families in japan and ther they couldn't through. >> do you sense there is panic? >> yeah, i do. >> extremely dangerous tsunami waves expected at 3:00 a.m. >> on the other side of the country, in washington, president obama was surprised at the developing -- apprised of the developing situation. >> the president issued a statement in the last few minutes and our own peter doocy is live in washington with the details. good morning, pete. the president was told about the earthquake and the resulting tsunami by his chief of staff at 4:00 this morning and the white house did put out a statement and reads in part "michelle and i send our deepest condolences to the people of japan." >> as the united states woke up friday morning, march 11 we begin to see the full horror of
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what was unfolding in japan. >> thank you, everybody and good morning. what a morning this is. this will be just the beginning of what will be without question dozens if not hundreds of video clips that we will see throughout the kintry of japan. now, there is at least one report out of japan reporting 200 to 300 people may have been found dead on the northeastern island, northeastern part of
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the island. getting reports out of japan that a petrochemical explosion has occurred. roads clogged, streets jammed. tough to navigate. airports are closed. you can imagine right now. >> you can see the look on these peeple people's faces. they tonight know which way to run. who knows how many people may be getting out of these buildings. unfortunately, this is the beginning of this story. luxury car available. the radically new 42 mile per gallon ct hybrid from lexus. welcome to the darker side of green. see your lexus dealer. what can you do welwith plain mashed potatoes? of green. when you pour chunky beef with country vegetable soup over it, you can do dinner. 4 minutes, around 4 bucks. campbell's chunky. it's amazing what soup can do.™
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>> shepard: as soon is the quake struck the deadly tsunami waves raced across the pacific at 500 miles an hour. as fast as a jetliner are. [sirens sounding] >> and it destroyed everything in its path. >> shepard: the people in northern japan had just 15 minutes between earthquake and tsunami. >> as scene in this harrowing
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footage. as seen in this harrowing footage. >> a wave as you can see there that washed away homes. it washed away lives and it pushed three miles inland and daybreak we finally got our first look of the aftermath and it was ugly. the buildings that were made of stone, they stood. the buildings that were not did not stand. the water shows no signs of receding, the japanese media says the death toll is now above a thousand and will
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likely go much higher. >> the tsunami plowed across the pacific and slammed into hawaii, nearly 4,000 miles away. >> wmoa. is that big. that is absolutely massive. >> and captured here in this home video. >> this is coming straight over the wall on to the main roads. that is absolutely unbelievable. here it comes again. pouring voter wall. you can see that car making a run for it out there. i'm completely stranded now. >> this was the scene in santa cruz and the coast guard search for a man whom a wave swept out to sea while he was taking pictures. in southern oregon the wave washed four out to sea. all of them survived. >> in california, waves today reached 8 feet high and left towns like crescent city
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vulnerable to damage. two tsunamis today. the first one slamming into the town's border at 7:30 this morning and basically tearing it apart. most if not all of the docks there were gone and boats crushed as the water inundated the water and drained back out to sea and then filled it back up again. japan at this hour is bracing for a possible nuclear meltdown. that is the worst case scenario because there has been an explosion and a radiation leak as the fukushima power plant. there has been damage to a reactor at the plant. and right now, crews are rushing to contain the scene. >> it is not the reactor's container that exploded. therefore, it is not the case that a large radiation leak is expected. >> the director general of the iaea believed the situation was under control. >> ththe explosion occurred
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outside of the containment vessel at unit one and the integrity of the vessel is confirmed. the iaea has been confirmed that seawater is being injected into the vessel to prevent possible damage to the core. >> but thousands of people living near the fukushima nuclear power plant were ordered to evacuate. >> officials here say 24-kilometers away is safe but the radiation may change and go out wider. it is disturbing. there is no way to get out of here. >> this woman says her son may have been swept away and she is desperately trying to locate him. >> the port city must north was one of the hardest hit. waves reached 30 feet high.
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people ran for their lives to escape the rushing water. formland was wiped out. fires blazed and cars were thrown like toys everywhere. some people were fortunate to be rescued. >> the destruction zone stretches from where we are located 80 miles north of tokyo all the way up to sendai and thousands are huddled in shelters awaiting for some sort of support. >> i was desperately trying to hold on to the shelf that was coming down on me. the ground shook so much i could not hold on to it. i fell and the shelf came down on top of me but i was saved by a table that wedged in between us. >> the 40 miles south in the coastal town is the miracle rescue of a 60-year-old who was swept away from his home by the
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tsunami. for two days he clung to a piece of his home roof before he was spotted waving a self-made flag by a maritime destroyer. almost 500 people from the town were killed and 2200 are missing including his wife. >> more fox news reporting on the disaster in japan, just ahead. what does it take to fly? it takes knowing we have our work cut out for us. but if you run before the wind you can't take off. you've got to turn into it. the thing you push against lifts you up. so, every challenge is a chance to show that even in this crazy world of no liquids and route cancellations someone still has the passenger's back. and along the way we'll prove we're not just building a bigger airline we're building a better one.
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you are looking at a new video of a ravaged japan. fires sweeping across the decimated country. a 30-foot wall of water swallowing up entire communities. the death toll is expected to surpass 1,000. >> rescue efforts underway now as people are being lifted up into choppers and everything below them is an absolute disaster. this is one of the areas through which the tsunami passed. >> despite the growing death toll stories of survival start to emerge from the horrible wreckage. >> she says that there happened to be a tree nearby so she struggled and grabbed the tree to prevent herself from sinking under the water. she hung on to the tree with the water all around her are.
9:22 pm
she says she hang on for dear life and then a floor mat drifted near her so she got on and floated around and water in the water completely helpless. >> the imimagines are heartbreaking. the images are heartbreaking. >> you can see how the water has overtaken so many parts of the land and now there are questions about whether this wave will go out. most normally when tsunami waves come they come on to the land and then the moment the forward momentum stops they go out like in a hurricane. this n. this case it is believed that the land mass itself has changed shape and
9:23 pm
subsided to the land goes down and the water comes up and some of the areas which were close line, in other words, areas where people lived and worked and farmed will now be reclaimed by the sea and literally the map of the nation of japan will change as a result of this incredible act of mother nature. in other words, it is possible that some of these areas will never be dry land again. this is the first time that we have seen these pictures and my goodness, we heard so much about the devastation with train travel that a lot of these train tracks i'm led to believe are along the coastal regions and that would have been affected by the tsunami, not to mention the wake itself. and here you have a house and a train just store sort of on top of each other. difficulty getting shoppers to some of the areas now and this may be the first time that we have seen live chopper pictures from here. >> president obama called this a catastrophic disaster. >> japan is one of our
9:24 pm
strongest and closest allies and this morning i spoke with the prime minister. on behalf of the american people i conveyed our deepest condolences, especially the victims and families and offered our japanese friends whatever assistance is needed. >> the u.s. has been present in japan since 1945 when general mcarthur oversaw the occupation following world war ii. today, our military has over 35,000 troops stationed there. 15 american ships make up the u.s. relief efforts headed to the area this past week including a nuclear powered warship the uss ronald reagan. >> it is a supercarrier with capabilities like air lift which would allow cargo and people to move on and off the shift and medical facilities that equate to a full hospital onboard. other ships on their are way are stopping to singapore to unload relief supplies to get them to japan. we also have some 35,000 troops
9:25 pm
there and they could be mobilized as well. survivors picking through the debris of what is left and it is as bad as anything i have seen. >> but amid the debris, some stories of hope. while soldiers were searching for victims in a badly damaged town along the northeast coast of japan they heard sounds of life. they found a 4 month old baby girl covered in mud. she mile after mile of death and destruction and then denly
9:26 pm
rescue teams find life. >> three elderly people trapped inside their car. the car tumbled over and over and they had the doors jammed by debris. the rescue crews pulled them out alive and a 20-year-old man was also rescued where it 2* thousand people have died. he was under that debris for four days, pulled out suffering from hypothermia. >> other people were not as lucky. these parents who were looking for their son only found despair among the rubble. >> shepard: they went to the local post office where their son had worked and found the post office was still standing but walked around inside and outside and there was no sign of their son. here is the father calling out. >> the desperate cries continued to be heard across japan as families tried to search for loved ones and a nation struggles to grasp the enormity of the disaster.
9:27 pm
just when you think the tragedy can't get any worse -- the most horrific nightmare is just beginning to unfold. it is a partial nuclear nightmare. >> shepard: coming up, a nightmare underway at the nightmare underway at the fukushima plant.attempt at hom. is the government telling the whole truth? ays wear your seat. ♪ and please drive responsibly. [ male announcer ] it's the most fun you can legally have. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers on the c-class.
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this is a fox news alert. i'm marianne rafferty in new york. western nations and arab allies preparing for a possible military intervention in libya. the u.s., france and britain ordering moammar qadaffi to stop advancing on rebel forces. they accused him of attacking them today after he announced his own cease fire. libya's deputy prime minister denies the allegations. the rebels still control the eastern part of the country which holds most of its oil reserve. the uk and france are leading plans to enforce a no fly zone. the u.n. and allies are set to
9:31 pm
meet in paris to discuss a possible intervention. president obama saying if qadaffi doesn't stand down the u.s. will join in military action but not send any ground troops. i'm marianne rafferty. now, back to "fox news reports the disaster in japan." for the latest, go to fox news .com. >> sunday, march 13. we begin this moring with a fox news alert. the japanese government confirms a nuclear meltdown is possibly underway and now they also say more nuclear reactors are failing. this as more than 200,000 people are evacuated from the area. >> the stores in tokyo already were limiting sales of water. the shelves were almost out of
9:32 pm
food. radio active steam was spewing into the air. but life goes on. japanese style. patience. protocol, politeness are the natural order of the day. >> how serious is the nuclear radiation that is getting out? do you know the extent of the damage at that plant and those reactors? >> well, for example i am in tokyo standing outside under the sky and i do not have any concern about radioactivity exposure. >> but the government tested people for radiation exposure. as a partial meltdown occurred in reactor number three, while the cooling system in reactor number two failed and more radioactive steam was released. >> you have three separate reactors right now that people are extremely worried about and we do know that there are at least 19 scientists on at least one site where they are going through and checking each person being brought out to see what kind of radiation contamination they have been
9:33 pm
exposed to. >> the owners of the power plant continued to say the radiation being released does not pose health risks to humans. >> looking at this, i do not think that this has any immediate effect on human health. >> there were no evacuation as you prepare for a situation like this and we haven't heard that that was necessary. he says that the tokyo electric power company never told us about any risky or dangerous situation. >> there is no safe level of radiation. any amount that you get extra means increased cancers down the road. >> even japan opinion's prime minister spoke about the unfolding disaster. >> at the end of world war ii, 650 years since this is the toughest and most difficult crisis for japan. >> the national atomic emergency agency first rated the accident a level four out of seven but quickly upgraded the disaster to a level six.
9:34 pm
three mile island was rated a five and the chernobyl catastrophe was a 7. >> woo f. we learned one thing from chernobyl, it is that we don't know. the radioactive clouds spread over the them fear sphere after chernobyl. >> is there a nuclear coverup in japan? history tells us it has happened before at the height of the cold war in 1957. there was another level 6 nuclear accident shrouded in mystery in the former soviet union. on may 1, 1960, it became one of the prime targets on france's gary powers ill fated surveillance flights. his u.s. fighter plane was shot down by the soviets. experts say a level 6 occurred when there s serious accident and release of radioactive material into the environment. >> how does this compare to, say, chernobyl specifically?
9:35 pm
>> well, chernobyl was the worst nuclear accident ever, shep and most experts believe this situation will not become that bad. chernobyl was so bad because there was a huge explosion and it was a badly built nuclear plant with effectively no containment vessels. at fukushima there are containment vessels and experts say it probably won't get as bad as it was in 1986. we don't know what is happening at fukushima. one u.s. think tank said it could become the worst ranking number 7 on the international scale, shep. >> but tepco has lied before. >> we had a severe nuclear reactor. they also covered up the accident in 1999. this is a pattern with that utility. >> the u.s. geographical survey upgrades the earthquake from an 8.9 to a 9.0.
9:36 pm
the situation at the fukushima plant changes again for the worst. this is a fox news alert. nuclear officials confirm hydroagain explosion at unit three of the fukushima plant. >> currently they are pumping seawater around the reactor to try to cool it down and stop any kind of meltdown. >> the japanese authorities say there could be a partial meltdown already but they don't know because they can't get in to the reactor. >> sending one helicopter to dump 50-tons of water on a flaming nuclear power plant is hike using a sports gun to start a forest fire. what did -- hit with barricades and sandbags. that is what i suggest, all out the japanese air force. >> another explosion rocks the already wounded power plant. this time it is reactor number
9:37 pm
two. there. >> there is breaking news now on fox news channel and this just in to us here at fox news in tokyo. we have just gotten word from folks on the scene that there has just been an explosion heard at unit no. two. the temperatures were riding. they were trying to put seawater into the particular reactor. now, the european union is calling for a reassessment of its energy policy and what role nuclear should play. and chancellor americ merkel ad the 7 erathors that went into service before 1980 will be taken off line for three months. be japanese markets are feeling the effect of the earthquake and tsunami and new problems. >> is this a game changer? >> a change changer for japan. can japan's economy survive this?
9:38 pm
>> japan's closest neighbors, china, south korea and russia are on edge. officials began to check owl livestock imported from japan for radiation levels. they have detected no increase in radiation and japan's largest trading partner china issues an order for monitoring. >> what about all of the people living at or near the plants especially longer term. >> there is no to radiation. >> but the person exposed to it. >> it is an increased list. >> workers have been evacuated from a nuclear plant in japan. here is the government spokesperson on japanese television just moments ago. >> all the workers there have suspended their operations. we have push urged them to evacuate in a safe area. >> what are we left with? no more workers at the plant. i believe that is what they
9:39 pm
just told us. that means no where water on the fuel rods. that is what we have sur mice. i think this is a development. >> moriartying from japan, just ahead. stay with us. [ male announcer ] to the 5:00 a. scholar.
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it is touch and go in japan this morning as workers head back in to battle a nuclear melt down. do they stand a fighting chance? a live report from japan. >> there has been desperate moves so far to date to try to affect the overheat at that plant. we understand that the japanese military helicopter with a huge bucket of water was sent up to pour water over the reactors but it had to abort its mission because of the high levels of radiation. >> when the radiation levels reportedly dropped the evacuated workers returned to the stricken nuclear power plant the next day. as they scramble to avoid a catastrophe, the japanese emperor made a rare television address. >> i feel deep in my heart as i see the miserable condition in the affected area. i'm deeply concerned about the nuclear situation because it is
9:44 pm
unpredictable. with the help of those involved, i hope things will not get worse. >> the moment was reminiscent of august, 1945 when the emperor made a rare speech announcing japan's surrender following the devastating atomic bombing. with a nuclear meltdown now a possibility the facility's owner was really beginning to feel the heat. >> there will be indictments in japan. there will be the piper to pay meanwhile, unfortunately, potentially thousands of people will have leukemia. thousands of people may have thyroid capper is. >> late on wednesday the plan to use helicopters to dump seawater into the reactors was abandoned. the radiation levels had become too high. >> they are actually now considering using a special water cannon truck used by the national police agency in tokyo and they will use that, stand
9:45 pm
back from the reactor cores and try and throw as much water on them and cool them down that way. >> the nuclear crisis in japan has turned the economic situation in the country from bad to worse. the nikkei plunged 11%. after two days of massive losses a glimmer of good news. japan's stock market went on the rebound. >> 5.7 points higher. >> but more bad news wasn't far behind. >> all kinds of automobile and technology electronics companies are shutting down their factory operations until next week. that represents a significant chunk of japan's industrial strength flat out shut down. >> japan's dire situation will have a strong ripple effect on the world's economy. japan exported $120 billion worth of goods last year to the u.s. alone. >> we are getting some grim news on the overall death toll from the tsunami and the earthquake.
9:46 pm
10,000 people missing in just one city. powerful quake and the ocean wave left nearly half a million people homeless. millions of others are struggling to get the most basic necessities. >> give us an update on the relief effort, if you could, greg. >> that is the most remarkable thing about the story is the nuclear angle is totally overshadowing the humanitarian side and that story is huge. the rescue effort involves not just japanese and international efforts including americans. >> 17,000 u.s. marines and sailors involved in the japanese relief effort with 14 u.s. ships off the coast by midweek. fox news alert. the international atomic energy agency now confirming a partial meltdown inside three of japan's crippled nuclear reactors all within the same plant. >> the problems with the stricken nuclear complex in northeastern japan change by the hour. >> if the fuel rods are exposed the radiation material inside
9:47 pm
the container tosspot. >> this is thursday. we are told on tuesday there was a fire at number four. wednesday a fire at number four and now on thursday there is no more water at number four but a huge problem at number three. and number three if the pressure builds up could explode and cause all kinds of problems. >> it is also causing the people of tokyo 140 miles away to get nervous. >> this is the avenue of tokyo. normally the sidewalk would be packed with people but fears of a possible nuclear catastrophe are keeping a lot of people off the streets. rush hour tokyo usually snarled with traffic looked like a sunday. warnings by the government to stay inside due to radiation risks are being heeded. >> i'm worry bid about my health, my life and the radio activity, that is why i'm wearing a mask. food store shelves empty. this man says people are buying the food and conserving it for what might be coming and long
9:48 pm
lines are forming at all gas stations. families need gas for their day-to-day life he remarks but also for any disaster. >> on thursday, with the nuclear situation tetering on the brink of disaster, military helicopters dum dumped more seawater into the power plant. >> currently you are watching the nuclear power plant. we are shooting this footage southwest of the plant. >> shep, what is going on right now at the fukushima power plant. >> we have been watching the live feeds out of there. four drops of the water. you mentioned the european union nuclear regulator. he said the word that had been tossed around was apocketbooks lipps. his word, not mine.
9:49 pm
he said -- apocalypse. his word, not mine. he said that that is appropriate word if they don't get in under control in the next couple of days. [ male announcer ] escape convention. introducing the most fuel-efficient luxury car available. the radically new 42 mile per gallon ct hybrid from lexus. welcome to the darker side of green. see your lexus dealer.
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good morning from tokyo where there is still great concerns over the fukushima nuclear plant to our north as they work to try to solve the nuclear crisis on a number of different fronts. for one, today they brought in water cannons and used helicopters yesterday to try to get water on the crucial reactors number three and four to try to prevent a meltdown. at the same time, they are working to establish a power link. >> this is a very severe situation. there are perimeter changes in the plant and we look at the
9:53 pm
changed perimeters and deal with the situation. >> an anonymous group of fearless workers now known as the fukushima 50 made their way into the nuclear death trap. >> they physically have to go into those reactors and drop water on them. you have to crawl on your hands and knees through the dark and get in there and put the water on there as the radiation level goes up you have them calling this a suicide war mission. the high radiation levels now detected almost 20 miles outside that plant. that is critical because as you alluded to 12 miles is the evacuation center. >> they are putting their lives at risk. all people like us can do it pray for them and wish for them to do their best. >> these men are knowingly risking their own lives. one radiologist describing them as suicide fighters in a war. it is that simple. >> their efforts may be in vain. >> now the experts believe not just the pool holding the fuel rods an in reactor four but aln
9:54 pm
reactor three may have boiled dry. that means even more radiation is now spewing into the area. >> as firefighters and plant workers continue to furiously fight to head off a total meltdown, several nations including the u.s. and britain telling citizens to evacuate. >> television here in japan is now reporting high levels of radiation 18 miles from the fukushima plant. that happens to be outside of the japanese government's evacuation area. but within the u.s. government's 50-mile zone. >> there is a real gap between what the united states experts are recommending and what the japanese officials are saying. >> the united states we would make a recommendation to evacuate personnel to a much larger area than is currently being done in japan. >> we are not sure if it is sensible to stay and if the exclusion gets extended then we can't get out. i think it is better are to get
9:55 pm
out now while we can. >> there are so many different sources. on tv saying different things. >> good morning. today is friday, march 18. i'm alisyn camerota in for gretchen. japan raising the emergency rating, putting it on par with three mile island. >> meanwhile in southern, california, radio active fallout from japan has been detected but the levels are a billion times below what would be health threatening. >> i'm just worried that winds are blowing west and it as problem. >> we will alert the public if there is a real threat. >> angry japanese citizens still waiting for answers. thousands of refugees forced to stay in make shift shelters. >> she says the employees told
9:56 pm
her the plant was going to blow up. the question these people have now is when they be able to go home. >> we can't live in our home and since the stores aren't open we can't find food so we need to come here to get supplys. >> as far as getting food and fuel, it is still very difficult. >> one week has passed since the disaster. he said that he offers his condolences to the victims and their families. the prime minister says that over the past week the japanese people have dealt with the situation calmly. he says that the japanese public has placed an emphasis on community ties and is working together to overcome this disaster. the prime minister says that he is committed to bringing back assurance for the japanese public.
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